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    Macroplex has the creative and
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    We examine and prioritize your
    business goals so that all
    of our subsequent work serves
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    We maximize your investment by
    approaching digital publications as
    more than one-way channels for
    delivering your messages and expressing your brand more

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    Macroplex specializes in
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    Macroplex has helped enterprise
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  • Application Development

    "Desktop-laptop web still has tremendous upside. Among digital touchpoints in our recent survey, the browser showed by far the greatest upside as a future digital touchpoint for purchasing."

    Forrester Research, Inc., “Unify The Digital Experience Across Touchpoints”, August 22, 2012

    The desktop application remains an incredibly powerful and utilized touchpoint. More than three-quarters of U.S. adults (77%) own a laptop or desktop computer, and this number has remained stable since 2007.* Industry leaders Apple and Microsoft recognize this, and both have introduced developer environments and app stores specifically for the desktop. A wider variety of apps exists now than ever before, driven by exciting new technologies and a savvy marketplace that demands the best experience possible.

    Macroplex has the creative and strategic leadership to deliver to the highest brand standard, and the technical experience to get the job done. Does the solution need to tie into backend business systems and deliver to multiple touch points? No problem. What about existing content management systems and ecommerce packages that run your business? Absolutely. Not to mention we are acknowledged industry experts in the use of core application development tools and technologies. No matter the need, we have you covered.

    Together we can help your business leverage existing technology, or help you define and develop new ideas and solutions that bring your business goals forward. Creating world-class, cutting-edge applications that drive both bottom-line results and customer excitement is a particular passion of ours.

  • Mobile & Tablet Apps

    "Customers now use a rapidly evolving set of devices as a means of engaging across touchpoints, which they don’t distinguish from the brand or business. Customers are empowered with more information than ever before."

    Forrester Research, Inc., “Welcome To The Era Of Agile Commerce,” March 2011

    Thanks to unprecedented adoption by both consumers and business users worldwide, mobile and tablet devices have become the new frontier of business marketing, sales, and service. By one estimate, beginning in 2014 more people will access the Internet via mobile devices than desktops. If your company doesn’t already have a mobile presence, chances are you’re thinking about establishing one.

    At macroplex, we kick off your mobile and tablet application initiatives by devising a sound multichannel strategy. We examine and prioritize your business goals so that all of our subsequent work serves a clear objective. Then we research your target customers so we can make informed decisions about the platforms, technologies, and content they’ll find most relevant and valuable.

    As we move into designing the user experience and planning development, we consider all aspects of current devices and technologies and how they impact your goals. How will different form factors and interaction paradigms enhance or limit customers’ experiences of your content? Will your customers prefer the kind of familiar, device-specific experiences native development provides, or would it be wiser to create a browser-based application so you can reach your many thousands of customers who use older devices? How can we best architect data delivery, API management, security, scalability, and other factors to ensure optimal application performance? With answers to these types of questions, we can create a clear roadmap for success.

    Finally, we determine how best to measure that success, whether by application downloads, revenue numbers, or brand awareness survey results.

  • Digital Publishing

    Twenty-five years after the desktop publishing revolution, the explosion of tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices brings fresh excitement to the idea of digital publishing. Magazine articles and student textbooks now feature embedded video. Recording artists’ publications bring music and live chat to fans. Corporate communications offer mechanisms for direct feedback and interaction.

    If you see the potential of digital publishing to help your organization achieve its objectives, you also know you need to do things right. Digital publishing is a big investment. The technology landscape is broad and fragmented, with devices, standards, and software development tools evolving rapidly. And your customers’ expectations are being refined moment to moment as the best digital publishing experiences spread virally and the bar is constantly raised. At macroplex, we maximize your investment by approaching digital publications as more than one-way channels for delivering your messages and expressing your brand. Sure, you can put your magazine on a tablet or share your quarterly earnings statement as PDF file—but you can do so much more.

    As experts in digital solutions technology, user experience, and strategy, we take a holistic view to ensure that we translate your business intent into cohesive, engaging publishing experiences that span as many devices and touchpoints as possible. We think hard about why your customers choose to consume content on mobile devices—is it just because the devices are portable, or because they’re amazing for video and motion graphics, or because they enable self-directed exploration and deep discovery? And then we design, develop, and integrate features and functionality that complement those benefits and add value for your customers.

    Further, we build in mechanisms for personalization and two-way communication so you can better understand who your customers are and what they want. We tie your digital publications into your backend systems to optimize existing investments and enable richer functionality. And we always bring your cost considerations to bear when helping you choose the right technology solutions for your digital publishing efforts.

  • HTML5 Applications

    "HTML5 can help improve online customer experiences because it can potentially deliver a seamless experience, improved search results, and better site performance… While HTML5 has the potential to improve some user experiences, it comes with its own set of implementation challenges that can outweigh its benefits."

    Forrester Research, Inc., “HTML 5: Is There Any Truth To The Hype?,” May 2010

    The rapid proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and even smart televisions has dramatically changed the discussion around application development. Enterprises were already struggling to find effective ways to reach their customers via the web browser. Now they face a new world in which customers expect content and services to be available any time, anywhere, on an expanding number of platforms.

    So how can your enterprise create digital solutions that are easily accessible to customers across a wide variety of platforms? And how can you deliver these solutions in a financially responsible and logistically feasible manner? In many cases, HTML5 offers a compelling answer to these questions. From helping deliver content to customers on the go to enabling customers to smoothly interact with your business services, HTML5 has the potential to support a variety of organizational needs.

    But while the possibilities are promising, HTML5 isn’t a silver bullet. It’s still an evolving standard, and development tools are immature. And subtle differences in the ways in which different platforms support HTML5 can introduce complexities into the development process.

    Macroplex specializes in overcoming HTML5 development challenges. One of our key strengths is in understanding how to design, develop, and deploy with this budding technology, and we are working with many of our clients, partners, and tool vendors to deliver extraordinary HTML5 solutions. Engage with macroplex, and together we’ll analyze your business objectives and your customers’ needs to determine how HTML5 can help you enhance customer experience and achieve better business results.

  • Enterprise Solutions

    "With the proliferation of rich, interactive digital experiences on all types of platforms, enterprises have to make smarter investments to connect with both internal and external customers in meaningful ways. Enterprise customer facing digital solutions must drive revenues, provide positive customer experiences, and create operational efficiencies—all at the same time."

    Forbes Magazine, “The Move from Systems of Record to Systems of Engagement,” Aug. 2012

    Since 2000, Macroplex has helped enterprise companies in retail, insurance, finance, technology, education, and other major industries improve their business results with powerful, integrated digital solutions.

    Our enterprise development initiatives begin not with a line of code, but with a solid strategy. We analyze your customers’ needs, your products and services, and the competitive landscape. We help determine which types of solutions to develop, on which devices. For example, we look at how your target customers use desktop computers versus mobile phones and tablet devices, and we think about what each platform has to offer them. Then we determine ways to use all relevant platforms to meet the needs of your existing customers while helping you attract new ones.

    Enterprise development can be complex, involving multiple platforms, devices, and technologies including iOS, HTML5, Android, smartphones, tablets, touchscreens, and smart TVs. But not only do macroplex’s solutions tie everything together, they also address technology challenges in your overall architecture such as security, scalability, service calls, data formats, threat protection, and existing services. With our proven development model, we help you quickly realize return, measure effectiveness, fine-tune offerings—and accelerate growth in a competitive market.